Our horses

Horses are good partners and beloved family members for us. They are well cared, in good condition and all horses are provided with proper riding equipments. Our goal in horse training is sensitive and functional trail horses. Our speciality is that we are riding with very loose reins and they are used only when needed. Horses obey pretty well the hand and voice signals given by the leader of the trip. Because of the good care, our horses are kind and reliable, enjoying the company of different kind of persons. During winter time they spend time together in a large pack and they are always welcome inside. In summertime they are divided in smaller groups and they are mainly outside in large pastures, meadows and forests. We always keep reasonable working days for our horses. Every horse is working suitable amount corresponding their condition and healthy. Regular days off are included in their weekly program and an enjoyable warm shower ends the perfect working day.


Luidor: Luidor is a brisk, golden colour Estonian horse that has a lot of energy regardless of his round body type. He's suitable also for bigger riders because of sturdy body. The movements are rather easy. Luidor was born in 1999 and came to us in 2002.


Pantheras: Pantheras is a rather big gelding, he has large movements but is soft, very pleasant and strong horse to ride. He's suitable also for bigger riders because of sturdy body. Pantheras was born in 2000 and came to Ratsukievari in 2003.


Sani: Beautiful and pleasant mare, who was born in Ratsukievari. She has good movements and she is very sociable and kind. She is a real "small princess" who can't stand rough handling. She is light to ride and temperamental. Not for beginners.


Kalle: Kalle is a big gelding from Latvia, who has done some show jumping in 110 - 120cm level. He has very large movements, so he requires an experienced rider with a good balance. Kalle is normally acting as a leading horse and he's not very timid. Kalle was born in 2004 and came to Ratsukievari in 2011.


Martsu: Martsu is a small and sensitive Arab part-bred mare, who is suitable for soft and calm rider. Before coming to us, she has competed show jumping in 90 - 100cm level and also some easy dressage. Martsu was born in 2004 and came to us in 2011




Iita: Iita is a French-american thoroughbred trotter who's trotting career is already over. Iita is speedful and perfect for leading purpose. Not in customer use. Iita was born in 1996 and came to us in 2006.







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