Accommodation, meals and sauna

Accommodation is possible in 2 person cottages that are thermally insulated with heating, in tents or in mobile homes. Prices include sauna, showers, summer kitchen with refrigerator, microwave-oven, coffee machine, grilling stands and outdoor tables. Bed-linen and towels are provided in cottages.

Breakfast and other meals are also available with an advance order in our pub.

Breakfast 12€, lunch 15€ and supper 15€

Price: Cottage/for 2 persons / day 30 €. Not including bed linens and towels. Customer brings own

Price: Cottage/for 2 persons / day 45 €. Including bed linens and towels.

Longer staying starting from 3rd night 38 €.

Tent location 10 €/person. Under 12y -50%.

Motor home 10 €/person. Under 12y -50%.



In the other end of stable there is a pub with A-lisences and meal facilities. Seat are provided for 30 persons. Fireplace that is built of local stones, creates a wonderful atmosphere. There is also a karaoke center in the pub. We aspire to arrange live music and community singing. Meals shall be ordered in advance.

Summer terrace
In the summer terrace, there is seats for about 50 persons. In the summer time, we arrange tradional pair dancing and eat delicious food of Saaremaa in our terrace.

Grill houses
There are two grill houses in the yard with fireplace and tables surrounding it. The other grill house is in free use for guests. They can also be rented for private use.



Large wood heated sauna with two showers is available in the courtyard. Summer kitchen is located in the same building and it is also in visitors free use. Refrigerator/freezer, oven, microwave oven, coffee machine and running water is provided in the kitchen.

Sauna price for private use starting from 40 €.

Smoke sauna
Smoke sauna is located in the sea banks of Karala bay, in a very beautiful place. There is a large yard in front of the sauna, so it is possible to arrange various types of events. Steam room is big so there's room also for larger groups.

Smoke sauna price 90 € / evening.

Floating sauna
A small floating sauna is located and anchored in Karala bay. Wonderful sauna vapours with direct access to swimming straight from the door makes an unique experience. Transportation to sauna is with a boat.

Price must be agreed beforehand by occasion.