Independent traveller can find for example the following destinations near by:

  • Coast ca.1 km.
  • Leedri village that is one of the best preserved medieval village community, ca. 3 km
  • Lümanda centre with grocery store, post office, church, library, etc. ca. 4 km.
  • Old military base and monument for drown sailors 6 km.
  • Natura-2000 reserve starts ca. 1 km.
  • Vilsandi national park where the centre of the national park is located in Loonan ranch. Centre arranges also trips in national part and to the island, either with a special vehicle driving in the shallow water or with a boat. Also other guided tours are arranged with advance order.
  • Harilaidi sand dynes.
  • Viidumäki national park and botanic garden.
  • Odalätsi wells and Pidula fish farming and tourist attraction.
  • Panga Pank, high cliff and restaurant.
  • Kuressaare (appr. 30 km) is an old well known spa town. First written notes of towns appearance go back to 11th century. It is the only town in Saaremaa and it has retaint quite well an old and an idyllic appearance. During summertime the town hall square is full of life and the small alleys around it makes it possible for You to travel back in time. Definately worth visiting is the old bishop's castle (picture on top of this page) which is located beside the city centre. Castle is the oldest in Baltic area and it is renovated as province museum. More information of Kuressaare and the rest of Saaremaa You can find from here.
  • Golf: From Kuressaare You can also find 18 hole championship level golf course. More information from here.